Kundli Milan In Indian Marriages

Published: 24th June 2011
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Kundli Vedic astrology is a flow chart that graphically displays the positions of nine planets in houses, representing the solar system. Based on the exact time of birth, the planets are placed in Kundli.

Kundli have an important role in the life of a person according to the beliefs of India. Kundli assistance in determining an individual's personality and characteristics, etc. It is widely accepted that Kundli help predict the fate of a person and that is why the wedding is focused on India Kundli huge game. Kundli cards are generally used to fix the Indian marriages are believed to indicate if the couple is eligible for marriage or not.

Kundli Matching

Kundali Matching is an ancient practice in which Vedic horoscopes of two people agree on eight areas of life. This forms the basis for determining whether two people are able to marry or enter into marriage. This requires the full name of the child and the child, sex, date of birth, date of birth and place of birth. In Indian culture, even before a marriage proposal is made, Kundli future spouses are compared to see if their stars are compatible.

Interpretation of graphs Kundli

It is very important that the figure Kundli is truthful and consistent. Details such as time, place, date and other minor details must be accurate. There should be no error in entering any of those details that even a small error can greatly influence the interpretation of Kundli.

Online services today, many of the Kundli cards are available, but there is a possibility of different interpretation by different service providers.

Vedic astrologers have been widely consulted on the perfect interpretation, but sometimes opinions can vary from two astrologers to cause confusion and to a lesser extent, I think.

Manglik Dosha or Mangal

Kundli said to determine the positive and negative aspects of a person. While the criteria for matching horoscopes vary from one religion to another, is manglik Dosha is considered the most notable feature in all religions. India has a very culturally diversified portfolio, but the adverse effects of this dosha sharing agreement similar between North Indian and South Indian astrologers.

Even if all other attributes of Kundli match and there is a Manglik dosha, marriage is considered inappropriate. Is an integral part of the Kundali corresponding astrological compatibility can be achieved in the absence of dosha.

According to Vedic astrology manglik Dosha occurs when Mars is placed in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12 homes, houses of happiness and mental peace, marriage, longevity and cost. This condition is devastating for marriage according to astrology.

Manglik dosha effects could be very unfortunate as difficulties in marriage, the constant arguments between the partners, divorce or death of spouse. But it can be resolved or at least slowed down either by performing a puja or not wear coral manglik manglik or marry a tree to absorb his aggression.

Changing Times

Experts agree that the development has radically changed and now it only parents of a couple who wants to match Kundli before finalizing the marriage.

1. India believes that today's generation to make a marriage requires more than the equivalent of horoscopes. They believe that consistency and confidence in relation to weigh more than astrology does.

2. The couple is now getting professional advice on most issues and marriage is one of them. They are open to personality tests, compatibility tests, etc. to understand their husbands in a better way.

3. People now want to log on a realistic basis in a marriage that receive counseling, medical exams and other things to ensure that your relationship work for life.

Some people do not believe in or Kundli match all, calling it a scientific idea, but believe it or not subjective. There are still many who feel Kundli are credible and should be adapted to arrange a marriage.

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